Spotify Card Cornerstone (Eph 2:20)

€2.50 €2.00

Are you looking for a unique card to give? Then the Spotify cards are exactly what you are looking for! Not only are you gifting a card, but also a beautiful song. The recipient just needs to scan the Spotify code to listen to the song.


Spotify song: Cornerstone (Hillsong)


Do you have a suggestion for a popular song for a Spotify card? Send me a message!

Product Specifications

Dimensions (card) 148 x 105 mm (A6 size)
Dimensions (envelope) 110 x 156 mm (C6 size)
Material (card) Old Dutch paper (300 gram)
Material (envelope) Quality paper (120 gram)
Bible verse Ephesians 2:20
Song Cornerstone (Hillsong)

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